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We celebrate the richness of our country, Canada, where we can be proud to be Canadian, as we are, and we can still continue to share the wealth of our cultural heritages.
Jeanetty Jumah, Folklore Festival Committee, TBMA

The Thunder Bay Multicultural Association


"VIRTUAL+ Folklore Festival 2022"
a Folklorama Jaunt to some Folklore Food Vendors* & new photos and videos
*"Take a VIRTUAL+ Folklore Festival 2022 Trip Around the World" visit participating Folklore Food Vendors
& view new Entertainer videos & photos"

Saturday April 30 & Sunday May 1

We will also be celebrating our 50th Folklore Festival Anniversary on May 6th/7th, 2023 at the Fort William Gardens, and hope to have a greater Folklore than ever.

Take this VIRTUAL+ Trip to see the rich diversity of our nation. VIRTUAL+ Folklore Festival continues with smaller versions on our Facebook Page Folklore Festival

Thanks to everyone who took a Folklore Festival 2022 Folklorama Style Jaunt to our participating Food Vendors. We thank them and encourage you to visit them all year round.

Click on each link below for more information.
Club Cappuccino (595 Arthur St W, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5R5)Your favourite Folklore Italian desserts

The Bannock Lady (Intercity Shopping Centre) So good Bannock Burgers, Indian Tacos, Delicious Homemade Bannock

Slovakia (The Slovak Legion) Slovak Burger, Perogie Dinner (Wed to Sat in our Bar from 4pm)

Masala Grille (170 Algoma St N, Thunder Bay, ON P7A 5A1.) Tastes of India and Thailand

Island Spice Jerk House(71 Algoma St Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3B4)Take a trip to the Islands for the best Caribbean food in town...tantalizing if you have tried it at Folklore

Canada is a nation rich in diversity. We grow as a nation when we celebrate the contributions of all Canadians and value and treat all Canadians with respect. Canada's wealth and future lies in our rich cultural diversity and our nation will thrive only when we as a country recognize and treat our people fairly and equally. The fabric of Canada has been woven by our various ethnocultural and Aboriginal communities, all part of building Canada. Enjoy your journey by visiting our Virtual+ Folklore Festival and stay safe.

We may not be at our planned Folklore but we can still enjoy the Wonder that is Folklore Festival every year as we "Travel the World in 48 Hours" online+ enjoying Incredible Entertainer Performances and the Opening Ceremonies with music, our new Folklorama Style jaunt to some of our Food Vendors to get sizzling Folklore foods, visions of Exhibitors, Artists, Children's Area, Volunteers, thanking our Folklore Sponsors who are there every year to ensure this family-friendly affordable, and fully accessible Festival can happen for our communities with so many friendly faces in the audience. Folklore Festival is a Celebration of Canada's rich cultural diversity and showcases Canada as one of the most dynamic countries in the World!

Visit a Section (below the videos) featuring information on some of the amazing Entertainers and Entertainer Groups who voluntarily perform on the Folklore Festival Main Stage, in appreciation of their contributions to great Folklore Festivals. You may be interested in finding out more about them.

Thank you for visiting our VIRTUAL Folklore Festival+ and we hope you enjoy your Trip Around the World!

The Folklore Festival Volunteer Organizing Committee and a host of Folklore Festival participants. We will celebrate Folklore Festival online+, and we hope to be back for Folklore Festival 2023, OUR 50th Anniversary Folklore Festival on May 6th/7th, 2023!

Watch some GREAT dancing and maybe join in...a very good way to get some exercise!
Welcome our Folklore Festival performers!

*Enjoy World Dance Collective
Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers
Zorya Hopak2022
Arabella Middle Eastern Dance Academy
Performances Part 1
Please turn the sound on.

*Enjoy the Lakehead Chinese Folk Music
and Dance Folklore
Performances Part 2
Please turn the sound on.

Enjoy Zorya Pryvit2022,
World Dance Bhangra
Chen Style 49 forms Taiji Sword
Performances Part 3
Please turn the sound on.

*Enjoy Thai dancers
Arabella Middle Eastern Dance Academy
World Cultural Dance
Thunder Bay Chinese-Canadian Taiji Group
Performances Part 4
Please turn the sound on.

*Enjoy World Dance Collective
Lakehead Chinese Folk Music and Dance
World Cultural Dance & more

Performances Part 5
Please turn the sound on.

Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group, Thunder Bay, ON

Just click the PLAY arrow and enjoy.

Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group, Thunder Bay, ON from Chaban Dance on Vimeo.

Check out Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group, Thunder Bay, ON from Chaban Dance on Vimeo.

The video is available for your viewing pleasure and sharing at
If you like this video, make sure you share it, too!

*Enjoy Entertainment Performances
including Opening Ceremonies, First Nations Dancers
Morgan's School of Highland dancing
India Canada and many more.
Please turn the sound on.

*Enjoy More Entertainment Performances
including KARIM Y NADY
Kam Valley Fiddlers
The Macgillivray Pipe Band and more
Please turn the sound on.

*Enjoy Entertainment Performances Day 2
including La chorale du Club culturel francophone
The Pipes & Drums of Thunder Bay and more
What you would have experienced on Arrival.
An Introduction to our Folklore Organizers.
& The Chain
our HOT Saturday Night Feature Entertainers
who we hoped to have in 2020, then 2021
and want for 2022!
We look forward to seeing you in 2022!
Please turn the sound on.

Thank you Folklore Festival Sponsors.
Please turn the sound on.

Travel the World in Food
Please turn the sound on.

Entertainer Photos
Please turn the sound on.

Children's Area and Setting up Folklore.
Please turn the sound on.

Folklore Exhibitors and Artists
Please turn the sound on.

Visit this YouTube link sent by our Performers who will take you to Thailand right from your home.

Thai Dancers (Thai Healing Center)

*Thank you to all Entertainers and Entertainer Groups who sent and allowed us to use past videos and photos in the Entertainment Videos and Slide Shows above.

And a thank you to those who were able to send video performances, photos, introductions, and more for our new "Meet some Folklore Festival Entertainers" Section so we could promote these wonderful and very active groups in our Community. So far we have created pages for Italian Touch KARIM Y NADY, Zorya Ukrainian Dance Association, The Irish Dancers (Celtic Rhythms)sharing Dance and Fitness for our Community, Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group, and Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers.

We are here to promote our Entertainers who make this community a better place. If other Folklore Festival Entertainers want to be part of this we will add them through the year, but understand how challenging COVID times have been for our dedicated Entertainers. Please everyone Stay Safe.

Press Release: There will not be a Folklore Festival at the Fort William Gardens this year because TBMA and our Food Booths, etc. would not have the time to get the required licences, insurance, or in the case of Folklore itself book the venue, arrange our Sponsorships, etc. and get the planning required in place. However, we will be running a Virtual Folklore Festival 2022 AND adding a slightly more Folklorama Style Folklore touch & new Entertainer videos & photos added. Many Folklore Entertainers/Performers have sent us new videos and photos of performances and several Folklore Festival Food Booth Vendors are part of our Folklorama jaunt. Folklore Festival 2022 will be ready to launch April 30/May 1.

FOND Memory Links

  • (2019) Times and Prices
  • (2020) Saturday Night Feature Entertainers, "The Chain" with powerhouse singer Chrissy Klaas, will take us on a Sizzling Journey across North America bringing Blues, Soul, and Rock to the Folklore Festival 2020 on the Main Stage Saturday May 2nd from 7:30pm-10:30pm. (link coming...)
  • "Win a FREE Stay-Cation" courtesy of the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre
  • (2019) Tantalizing foods from around the world (The Foodbooths!)
  • (2019) Magnificent Displays and Exhibits
  • (2019) Activity-packed Children's Area (runs 12 noon to 6pm each day)
  • (2020 final copy) Dazzling Entertainment & Incredible Music on the Main Stage
  • (2019) Local Artists* on site
  • Performer Pictures
  • More Performer Pictures
  • Goodwill Ambassadors dressed in the traditional attire of many nations
  • (2019) Chances to purchase international items
  • the fanfare of flags of the world welcoming you to the largest stage in Thunder Bay
  • The World at your Doorstep!

  • This Website is hosted by Phone: (807) 623-1881

    Folklore Festival 2019 Poster Enjoy!

  • 2020 Entertainment Schedule Click here.

    The 2019 Program Click here.

    The 2019 Program Cover Click here.

    Contact Jeanetty Jumah at for information.

    Victoria's Cupboard pays Tribute to Folklore Festival. Click here.

    Continue for LINKS & PHOTOS (below)

    Photo HIGHLIGHTS of 49 Years of FOLKLORE FESTIVALS including Virtual for 2020 to 2022

    A World of Entertainers

    A Crowd Favourite

    A Goodwill Ambassador

    First Nations Performer

    The Lion Dance

    Filipino-Canadian Talents

    Beauty of the Ukraine

    Portugal Awaits

    The Caribbean

    The Tastes of India

    Thanks to all the volunteers, entertainers, exhibitors, Food Booth groups, sponsors, and Thunder Sound & Lighting who helped to make each Folklore Festival, a feast for the mind and body.